Spyderco Lum Tanto Sprint Home Run

October 1, 2014

This is why I LOVE Spyderco sprint runs. I never got around to snagging the Bob Lum designed fixed blade Tanto when Spyderco produced it many years ago. As is so often the case, I only discovered the beauty of this blade when I couldn’t get one. So when I saw the prototype for this knife laying on the table at the Amsterdam Meet, I certainly took note. A year or so later and I managed to score one.


I’m very happy with this sprint run version. To me, the burgundy paperstone handle is way prettier than the original black micarta. I will admit that this design isn’t the most practical for my uses, so the Tanto won’t see any real use with me. However, if I were still involved in traditional Japanese martial arts, I would have taken this knife along for demonstrations and such.


For a collector, sometimes using is not needed to appreciate a knife. The Lum Tanto’s grind lines are very nice and it’s a stunning piece to look at. The workmanship is certainly top notch; from the polish of the blade all the way to the stitching in the sheath. This knife is one of the highlights of my display case, and sometimes that’s more than enough. Well, that and the hunt for the next knife!



Spyderco Homemaker, who needs a blender?

August 20, 2014

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Last week, my wife asked me to help her out in the kitchen. She needed a few tangerine skins chopped up to garnish a cake. Since I love helping out in the kitchen with all sorts of cutting chores, always a good opportunity to try out a new knife, I readily volunteered. Our well worn Spyderco Homemaker did quite a nice job; who needs a blender right?

Spyderco Chaparral Titanium Stepped into my Collection

June 22, 2014

The Spyderco Chaparral ‘3’ with its stepped titanium handle is the most expensive (MSRP) spydie so far, so this one won’t be a big hit with folks looking for a simple hard working knife. Still, it’s a very striking design and I’m very pleased with it. There has been plenty of discussion about this model being overpriced etc… I won’t get into that, but I will predict that in a couple of years a -lot- of collectors will lament not getting one for this price when they could. The Chaparral ‘3’ is bound to become a ‘grail’ knife for many.

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The fit and finish are simply superb; I couldn’t detect any flaws on the steps or any other part of the knife. The Chaparral opens smoothly and locks up tight, the edge came very sharp from the box and the clip was easy to switch. Basically, it’s a really nice gent’s folder and a great utility EDC folder. The Chaparral makes for a superb universal opener and a limited food prep knife. Function-wise it’s just as nice as my ‘titanium stealth Chaparral’, that I reviewed in more detail back in 2012.

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Handle pattern
As is obvious from the photos, the handle pattern features an intricate design of tiny steps. I understand it takes a lot of fairly complicated machining, and the design took quite some time to develop. Spyderco apparently can only make about 10 per day, so the stepped titanium Chaparral is not going to be widely available at dealers. What impresses me is that there are no curved lines in the handle. All the machining is done with straight cuts.

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The steps in the Chaparral’s handle remind me of the art by M.C. Escher who, apart from having the best initials ever for rap battles with fellow artists, was a Dutchmen like me. So I carry this little gem with a bit of extra pride. The wow-factor of the design is simply off the charts. The Chaparral stepped titanium is currently the best conversation piece in my collection and it’s the best liked knife by the non-knife people I know. That is, until they hear of the price, or rather my unwillingness to share the actual price when they ask. You’ve been there, right?

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As much as I love my spydies, I totally ‘get’ the obsession fellow spyderknuts have with custom knives or mid-techs like the excellent Sebenza by Chris Reeve. Whenever I get that urge, I just clip on the Chaparral ‘3’ and I’m good, knowing that this is a much more ergonomic design with the best opening device for folding knives, the Spyderco opening hole.

Click here to see photos, video and information on the Stepped Titanium Chaparral 2013 prototype.

Classic Spyderco Spotlight: C71 Salsa

May 31, 2014

I felt like clipping on a pair of vintage spydies today, and my eyes fell on these Salsas. This was one of Spyderco’s first forays into having knives produced in Taiwan. IIRC, this design came shortly after the Li’l Temperance folding knife. And, to me, the Salsa always seemed like a slightly smaller and even more PC version of the Li’l Temp.

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The Li’l Temperance and Salsa are both so-called li’l big knives featuring a full grip and a wide flat ground blade with a compression lock. The Li’l Temp’s production quality and overall fit and finish is definitely better than the Salsa though. But the Salsa’s colors and rounded tips make them especially suitable for educating non-knife people to the benefits of carrying a pocket knife. I never like the original pepper designs on the aluminum Salsas, so I was really happy to score these two knives. I just wish the cranberry Salsa featured a left-handed clip mounting option.

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Spyderco 2014 Prototypes Overview

April 21, 2014

I finally got around to organizing all my posts of the upcoming Spyderco prototypes for 2014. Here’s all of them combined in one overview. Also see my prototype page, for a collection of links and thumbnails leading to all the Spyderco prototypes I photographed over the years.

Shirley & Owens ARK, Diaconescu Battlestation, Bradley Fixed Blade
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productuctionprototype_ARK&sheath spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_battlestation_clipside spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_bradleyfixedblade_1

Burch Chubby, Dice, Panchenko Dog Tag Folder
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_chubby_handle spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_dice_flipper spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_dogtagfolder_closed_3

Dragonfly Super Blue, Endura Ti / Damascus, Carey Firefly
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_dragonflysuperblue_blade spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_enduratidamascus_clip spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_firefly_halfopen

Schempp Frontier, Knutson Introvert, Mehr K2
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_frontier_inhand_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_conceptmodel_introvert_inhand_3 spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_K2_halfopen

Kiwi G-10, Pauletta Lil’ LionSpy, Mike Draper
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_kiwig10 spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_lillionspy spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_mikedraper

Native 5 Lightweight, Paramilitary 2 Composite, Lum Tanto Sprint
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_native5lightweight_clip spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_paramilitary2compositesprint_blade_3 spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_lumtanto_2

Read PITS, Roadie, Panchenko Roc
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_PITS_blade spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_roadie_blade spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_roc_blade

Carey Rubicon, Slysz Bowie, Southard flipper in All-Black
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_rubicon spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_slyszbowie spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_southardallblack

Spin & Concept Model – Bead, Spy-DK, Tatanka
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_spin&minibead_conceptmodel_handle spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_spydk_handle spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_tatanka_handle

Worker G-10

Spyderco 2014 Prototype Video – Ed Schempp Frontier

March 22, 2014

The last Spyderco prototype I got on video this year, is the Ed Schempp Frontier. This knife was my number one favorite of all the prototypes Spyderco showed this year. This Ed Schempp design will be a great addition to the Spyderco series of ethnic folders. Eric Glesser from Spyderco gives a quick tour of this knife at the IWA Show in Germany.

I have no information on the pricing or (planned) availability of this knife.

For a close-up view of the Frontier, check out this entry.

Spyderco 2014 Production Sample Video – Peter Carey Rubicon

March 21, 2014

Spyderco’s Eric Glesser presents the Rubicon, designed by Peter Carey. This was really the proverbial custom quality folder. I am sure this knife will become a big hit.

I realize the tag says ‘production prototype’, but the information I got from Spyderco indicated that the Rubicon seen here was a ‘production sample’.

I have no information on the pricing or (planned) availability of this knife.

Want to see more images of the Rubicon? Click here!


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