Review: K09 Paring Knife

I put the paring knife on my wish-list figuring it ‘should’ be there to round out the collection. After all, how much better could this little knife be than my other cheaper paring knives? Note to self, don’t underestimate Spyder innovation!

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The thing that stands out the most on this knife is the handle. It’s longer than I expected and noticably thicker. Thicker handles give you something to hold on to. The long handle works off the same principle as a surgeon’s scalpel, it adds control! Whereas in the past, I wasn’t able to peel off the skin of an onion, now I can! Sure the fine tip, thin blade and sharp edge help, but I think not as much as that excellent little handle!

The blade is thin,pointy and small. I was surprised that I didn’t see any real flexing of the blade when digging little chunks out of hard vegetables like potatoes and onions. The tip design and sharp edge make peeling any fruit or vegetable realy easy. I would guesstimate that my potato skins are now half as thin as before, when I would use my Stretch. And that is without trying.

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I should get a couple more, so me and the Mrs. won’t argue over who gets to use the paring knife when cooking! The paring knife is not just an accessory. Using it really brought home the saying, getting the right tool for the job.


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