Review: Homemaker

Ever since I received the entire set of Spydie kitchen knives as a wonderful gift, I have been keeping a close eye on any new kitchen knife Spyderco releases. When the homemaker came out I figured it would be a great ‘classy’ kitchen knife, and ‘let’s see if these scallops work as advertised’.

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The Homemaker’s handle is longer than the kraton grips of other Spyderco kitchen knives, like the Santoku or K04 Utility. It fits my hand a little better even though the handle is very straight. The Homemaker is significantly lighter than the Santoku. This knife made me a much faster cutter. The light weight combined with the scallops allow me to make a solid and steady ‘takketakketakketakketakketakke’ sound on the cutting board. And no, I haven’t cut myself yet. And yes, I do produce nice looking slices.

The scallops work as advertised, mostly. There is much less food sticking to the blade. It doesn’t prevent sticking completely though. I’d guesstimate that in my use, about 60% less food sticks to the blade. This makes the Homemaker a much faster and sharper knife to use.

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The tip on the Homemaker is not pointy, but rounded as is evident from the catalog pics. However, it is fully sharpened all the way around the tip. I am not quite sure what to do with that tip, let alone resharpening it. I am not much of a freehand sharpener. My main use of the tip in a large kitchen knife, is to ‘stick ‘n pick up’ food from its packaging and placing it on the cutting board. It does this just as well as a pointy blade. So in a chopping knife of this design, I guess that the rounded tip facilitates ‘rocking’ motions with the blade. The blade has no or extremely little curve for rocking cuts, unlike the Santoku.

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Great ergos, very sharp and very fast in the hand. It looks classy too. Some people commented on the ‘cheap’ look of my prized Spydie kitchen knife line, until they used them. The micarta and overall design of the homemaker is much classier, befitting of its performance. Sal, please try and make more designs with the maker of the Homemaker. I need some micarta serrated utility knives, to go with the Homemaker.


3 Responses to Review: Homemaker

  1. I think the rounded tip is a great idea, the point on kitchen knives seems to be only used for jabbing my finger

    • In this size knife I don’t mind the rounded tip, on smaller kitchen blades I like a sharp tip to help open packaging or to start peeling when I don’t feel like going for the appropriate paring knife.

  2. […] chores, always a good opportunity to try out a new knife, I readily volunteered. Our well worn Spyderco Homemaker did quite a nice job; who needs a blender […]

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