My Second Spyderco Pilgrimage

Following our great experiences of our visit to Spyderco last year, we couldn’t resist and planned another vacation of beautiful Golden, Colorado. This time, I took plenty of pictures inside the Outlet Store.

Entering the Spyderco Factory Outlet Store, I immediately noticed the great H1 display. It was set up to look like a fish tank!


Naturally, I had to get some shirts. The monthly Native giveaway for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan is much appreciated. Many servicemen sent thank you letters and souvenirs from their unit to Spyderco (right).


This display features all the Native models that have been made. The other side (right) features more details about the Native giveaway for US troops.


Onto the knives, time to do some shopping!  The display cases were organized by theme: Outdoor folders, Save and Serve models, Byrd knives etc…


More Save and Serve Models and some of the knives I sampled (right) before purchasing most of them!


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