Review: Spyderco Ed Schempp Khukri

The Schempp collaboration has yielded a fine family of ethnic designs. The Persian, Mini Persian and Kris folders are marvels of black micarta and steel, that are really prtty to look at but also strong and comfy enough to work hard. I admit I was a bit disappointed with the use of G10 for the next batch of Schempp collaborations. It seemed a break in the ‘line’ to me. I still wanted a folding khukri because the unique design appealed to me. I figured it would make a nice safe queen, but I’ve been carrying and using that little folder for about two months now.

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I was surprised to see how compact and narrow the folder is, when it’s folded. I hardly notice it when carrying it IWB or in a pocket. Somehow I really didn’t expect that from a design with those curves and that extreme blade to handle angle. The angled handle helps to prevent the relatively narrow handle from rotating in your grip when performing those rough turning cuts. Below is my first attemtp at a clip showing these grip variations.

As a lefty, I was also pleasantly surprised to see that extra set of clip holes on the left side of the handle. Despite the right-handed liner, I can operate the knife very easily. Must be all those years of operating ‘wrong-handed knives’ ;-). The knife is very comfortable and controllable in many different grip variations. Whether you’re just opening the mail, chopping through a piece of cord, cutting out an article or ripping through a piece of tarp, the Khukri can be gripped properly and safely. The recessed liner lock helps to prevent accidental closing of the blade.

There were more surprises; the blade and handle are surprisingly thick, the Khukri is a much beefier knife than the G10 Delica 4 for example. The liner is really thick, thicker than some integral linerlocks. I didn’t worry about ‘saving the tip’ at all over the past weeks. When piercing cardboard, plastic clamshell packages or rubber hoses, the Khukri stays put in my hand and the tip doesn’t show any signs of wear.

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The curvy angled blade is a godsent for those who use a folder for food prep. In a natural forward grip, the main belly comes right down on the cutting board. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun helping my wife out in the kitchen to ‘test’ the Khukri. Bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, chicken filets and sandwiches are no challenge for this curvy Schempp design. The Khukri won’t replace any of my kitchen knives, but if it were much longer, a bit thinner and a fixed blade, it could be a serious threat to my kitchen knife collection. I can imagine the Khukri being a very handy folder around a campsite. The beefy lock and blade could be a real asset for those who really use their folders for rough chores.

I’ve become really addicted to the Khukri and can recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a compact EDC folder, something I didn’t expect from handling the prototype and seeing the pictures in the catalog. I have to add the Khukri to my personal top three of ‘Best Spyderco Utility Folders’: the Stretch II, the UKPK/Caly III family, the Schempp Khukri.

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