First impressions of the Sprint Run Meerkat

Two great things arrived at my doorstep this week, the new sprint run blue Meerkat and snow. Mind you, snow doesn’t fall often here or stay very long. The Meerkat surprised me, I like it more than I thought I would.

The Meerkat follows the Navigator pattern. I’m not a big fan of that pattern: it’s kind of pointy and uncomfortable for my grips and the clip is usually non-reversible for lefties and tip-down only. I was seduced by the lovely color so I pulled the trigger. This Meerkat is less sharp or pointy in the hand, because the hande is thicker and FRN is always nicely rounded on the corners. The full flat ground leaf blade makes it a very nice user. It’s opened everything I threw at it and it did some nice paring work in the kitchen. Sharpening is very easy and fast, since the grind is thin and the blade is VG-10.

The clip change was easy to do, but I’m still getting trying to get the hang of operating the Phantom lock left-handed. There’s no bladeplay in any direction so far. The handle color is a nice turqois kind of blue. It has gotten some inquisitive looks from my better half, and not with the usual ‘did you get another spydie’ rather ‘let me see that’. The deep carry clip is nice, but could have been a pain to retreive the knife from a pocket,if there weren’t these nice divots and other gripping points all over the handle. Especially for the money, you get a very unusual but very functional little user. It’s hours of fun, even without any actual cutting. I highly recommend it. I’m going to put it in my office-carry rotation.

For those who don’t have a Meerkat yet and are wondering how the lock works, I made this little clip.

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2 Responses to First impressions of the Sprint Run Meerkat

  1. Daniel G says:

    Thanks for a good and informative video 🙂
    I’m ordering one of these today 😉


  2. […] of the prototype of the knife featured in this article, or my impressions of the burgundy and blue sprint run […]

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