Welcome to the new homestead

Welcome to my new website, I’m using a wordpress account now. A failure with my previous site -and some existing wishes in site functionality- prompted this move. For example, now I can integrate my twitter channel seemlessly and publishing is a breeze. One new feature I’m very happy with, is the search feature and I also like the pull down menu on the right that offers access to all archived content.

I’m still transferring some old content, but most of my content was moved succesfully. I hope this blog remains nice and stable, then I’ll do more work on customizing the webdesign etc… Tomorrow, more uploading and testing. Thanks for stopping by.

6 Responses to Welcome to the new homestead

  1. Tucker Patterson says:

    I’m liking the new site. It’s moving very slowly, but in general, it’s great. Looks nice and is easier to navigate when i’m researching a new spydie, or feeding my addiction.

    Best of luck!

  2. Rorschach says:

    The site’s looking good! You’ll like WP, it makes life so much easier.


  3. So far it has made my life immensely easier. I just hope it remains stable when it´s time to post some prototype pics and videos after the next a´dam meet and IWA show. Those things tend to attract a lot of traffic

  4. Tanner Fountain says:

    Love the new site. I have a question I recently purchased a spyderco sage and i was wondering if you know the angle of the edge? Thanks,


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