New keychain accessories

The Atwrench by Peter Atwood has been with me for about a year now and I still like it a lot, it’s very lightweight and it really saves my knife-tips. The new arrival is the little flashlight.

It’s a titanium AAA twisty flashlight made by Titanium Innovations and it features an R5 Cree LED. It’s a very bright light with a nice and warm tint, in my sample at least. The orange peel reflector does a good job of making the beam floody enough without losing too much reach. The best part is that there are only three modes, low (3 lumen – good for reading), medium (30 lumen – great for general use) and high (115 lumen – perfect for ‘showing off or lighting up that hotel room when you can’t find the proper lightswitch). I like my Fenix L0D but the strobe and SOS functions were frustrating features I never had a use for. The titanium body makes this litte light a bit more lightweight too. A nice compact, lightweight but powerful light, with just the right settings.


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