Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2010 Report – Prototype Pictures – Part 2

Matriarch Sprint Run
The Matriarch was made around 10 years ago in limited production at the request of a South African distributor. With the rise in violence toward women, the Matriarch was made to support a specific self-defense class. The technique apparently involves cutting the tendons behind the knees, leaving the attacker immobile. The matriarch takes its name from the lead female in elephant herds. The main diffe rences with the original model are the full flat grind and the brown FRN. It kind of looked like a chocolate color to me. Both PE and SE models will be available for this sprint run.

This is another model in the ‘bug line’, the biggest so far. It’s slightly smaller than the Kiwi Slipit and equally tough to open. Part of that will smooth in the production process, but it will resist ‘flicking’ to accommodate ‘flicking laws’. The Grasshopper, like the bug and honeybee, is a Chinese made slipit.

Native 4
The Native 4 prototype looked very similar to the CF Native 4. This production prototype is made from G10, it lost the swedge and there is jimping on the spine. The jimping continues for about 0.25 inch on the spine of the locking bar. It’s a very refined feature.

Delica Damascus Sprint Run
When the 25th anniversary Delica was made, the original idea was to make it with the blue jigged bone handle you see here. However, it was felt that it didn’t match Ed Schempp’s excellent bolsters. The maker has been sitting on the blue jigged bone handles ever since. Now the handles will be used in this sprint run. The Damascus blade is made with a VG-10 core and the outer layers are also made from a stainless steel.

To be continued…

6 Responses to Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2010 Report – Prototype Pictures – Part 2

  1. Daniel says:

    These prototypes looks very interesting 🙂
    Btw, do you know if the new delica and enduras with flat ground blades are coming soon?


  2. The flat ground delicas were not at the show….because Spyderco consider them ‘in production’. So yeah, they should be out soon

  3. custombladeworks says:

    It was a wonderfull day. I am a spyderco fan since mid 80’s. I stii have my very first spyderco “standard” I bought in 1988. I am thankfull to the spyderco crew and the organisers of this meeting. I hope to be there on the next meeting. Thank you for the pics. Filip

  4. MyKnife says:

    Thanks a lot for info and pictures. Some prototypes are awesome! Im very happy to see “sprint run” big Calypso. It’s my favorite knife, but original is very rare ;-). Szabo is also beautiful and damascus Delica is great gentleman knife! I need all twice :D.

  5. […] found on many lightweight folders such as the Gen 2 Delica or Gen 1,2 and 3 Native, as well as the Gen 1 Matriarch. Performance-wise they’re the same to me a three screw old school clips. I did appreciate how […]

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