Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2010 Report – Prototype Pictures – Part 4

Eduard Bradichansky Shabaria Sprint Run
The Shabaria is back for a sprint run. This version has a burgundy micarta handle and it will only come in PE. It’s an interesting model, but I just couldn’t get a proper grip on it. That slender curvy blade is sexy though.

Paramilitary 2
After all the forum discussions, here’s the end product; the new and improved Paramilitary. The most important improvements (at least for me) are the 4-way clip, no more exposed corner and the improved ergonomics. The clip on the Para 2 is put as far back on each position as possible, to facilitate deep carry. This conventional clip still provides plenty of handle to grab for a fast draw. I like wire clips, but on some knives the deep-carry feature can be a hindrance when you want a ‘fast draw’. On the old Para a small corner of the blade tang was exposed when the knife was folded. It was the main reason for me to get rid of my Para. This problem is now solved; the knife now looks and feels way better. The ergos of the handle were also improved. I no longer need to use the choil for a full-handed grip. The handle on the Para 2 is a little longer than the first version. All of the edges were nicely beveled; it almost melts in my hand. The price for these improvements is perhaps that the Para 2 almost feels like an ‘intermediate Military’ vs. a ‘junior model’ of the Military. I’m definitely going to get one; I think it will make a perfect companion folder to the next prototype in this report.

Fred Perrin Folder 3-1/8”
This is the PPT folder that was prematurely seen (the custom version) on a few forums. To me, this is a folding Streetbeat or folding Streetbowie. I love that blade, no hump and with a slightly curvy blade. I love it! The clip seems left/right reversible. The lock is a hybrid between a Reeve integral lock and a liner lock. It’s not a small knife though. The handle is much chunkier than the blade specs would have you believe. This knife is a handful and the clip on this proto was still a bit too sharp. IIRC the production model will have skeletonized liners to make the knife a little lighter. To me, this knife has a high wow-factor and that blade looks very practical. I’m absolutely getting one, even if I have to take some sandpaper to that clip.


Jens Anso Zulu
The Zulu is the second collaboration model of Jens Anso, and this is different animal than the thin and lightweight Rocklobster. Like the Perrin Folder, it has a nice hand filling grip and a (slightly over) 3 inch blade. It’s certainly a unique blade shape. I like the lines of this folder.

Laci Szabo Folder
This is the last Spyderco production prototype I can show you (there are still some Byrds though). There were more models at the meet that we can discuss, but I can’t show them to you. We wouldn’t want to see cheap copies turning up, before Spyderco gets it right.

The Szabo folder is truly a megafolder. I think the blade was 5 inch long and the handle is equally long. Apparently, Laci is a big man who likes big knives. Laci is an MBC guy, and this is an MBC design derived from the Szabofly. Many customers liked the blade on the Szabofly, but couldn’t get one because it would be illegal in their area. This knife is something of a ‘regular folding Szabofly’. The design fits Laci’s reverse grip edge out style of MBC. The compression lock is set-up to take the tremendous forces of trapping and blocking. This should be an MBC-crowd pleaser.

To be continued…

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