Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2010 Report – Prototype Pictures – Part 5

Cara Cara 2 and Meadowlark 2
The Cara Cara 2 and Meadowlark 2 are really nice working knives. The main differences from their previous versions are the full flat grind and the clips I believe. I’m afraid I didn’t catch much of the info when these models were passed around. From shortly handling them at the meet, I thought they were way too nice for their price. Very solid lockup, no blade play and the clips were nicely rounded. Previous Byrds I owned had some sharp edges.

Meadowlark 2 FRN
This is the FRN Meadowlark 2 with a completely FRN mold. I think this FRN pattern is a bit more ‘friendly’ to the hand. The earlier FRN mold had more aggressive checkering on the surface of the handle slabs.

Catbyrd G10
I think the Catbyrd is pretty much the flagship of the Byrd line, and this G10 version was a really nice variation.  I´d love to see a head-to-head review between this G10 Catbyrd and a Military.


4 Responses to Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2010 Report – Prototype Pictures – Part 5

  1. Ivo says:

    Spyderco is totally going flat ground.
    I love your photos but please consider posting in higher resolution, nothing bulky…let’s say 1024×768.

    • Thanks for the feedback, I’v been considering it – but I read/heard that most people still use a 1024 x 768 resolution, so this 800×600 format allows most people to see the pictures full size without having to make modifications in their picture-viewer. It’s too much work to post them all again in a higher resolution. I’ll see if I can post a poll to gauge interest. I’m not done with these pics yet.

  2. Ben says:

    While it is no longer the case that 99% percent of computers have a display that’s just 1024 pixels wide, the vast majority of users is still stuck with a display that is less than 800 pixels tall. Most new computer buyers tend to buy notebooks, and considering that most consumer notebooks sold in 2009 had a 15.4″ display sporting a 1280×800 resolution, but this year the new trend is 16:9, resulting in 1366×768 resolution, I think it’s a wise decision to stay below 700 pixels in height for the pictures. It’s worth considering to change the aspect ratio to make more use of the wider displays 🙂

    I don’t know if your hosting provider allows you to have another database, but it would be fairly easy to gather info about your visitors’ display resolutions by simply adding some php code to the main page that simply retrieves the client’s display resolution and session ID and stores it in a database. You can use cookies to identify unique visitors.

    ontopic: I _love_ the CatByrd! The prototype didn’t really strike me at the meet, but I should reconsider I guess… perhaps it was because of the striking appearances before it… Sage 3, Squeak, etc 😉

    • I might consider it for next year, your’s is the only feedback on this issue so far. If I were to be asked to do another report next year, I could put up a poll of sorts.
      Thanks for checking out the reports.

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