Spyderco Scoop: Dialex Design Junior

This is a real scoop guys! Eric asked me to share the Junior concept model with you guys. What you have seen so far, are production prototypes. This model is still a concept model, therefore it’s a little further away from production than the previous models. Concept models are usually not allowed to be photographed and published, so this is a real scoop.

Spyderco and Dialex haven’t been sitting on their laurels when the Adventura came out. This is the Junior.

I’ll leave the expert presentation to Eric who was kind enough to help me with this video:

Personally, I can see this design being a favorite for various groups of knife afis. The deep choil, compression lock and wide blade could be very appealing to the MBC crowd. The deep choil also lowers the edge which makes the Junior a kind of folding kitchen knife which could be appealing to the outdoor/camping/EDC crowd. I liked it quite a bit, and I noticed that it started growing on me when I handled it for the second time at the IWA Show.

So, what do you think about this design?


13 Responses to Spyderco Scoop: Dialex Design Junior

  1. MyKnife says:

    Impresive design of handle! Little bit reminds me a neck knife. I love Adventura and Dialex style. So, I can’t watch video :(.

  2. I’m sorry, the video is still stuck on ‘private’. I already corrected it, but it seems to take a while before it’s processed by youtube.

  3. MyKnife says:

    Ok, no problem, Im just very curious :D.

  4. Thomas says:

    It is…interesting. I am not sure how to gauge this knife without holding it, my first reaction when glancing at the photograph as; “This cant be comfortable” and then I saw the video with Eric holding it & it just reminded me of a Streetbeat/Perrin Bowie in terms of that deep deep choil.

    And I love my Streetbeat so my naturally I guess I should love this…but I wont know till I hold it!

    I still have my reservations!

    Great job once more Wouter!

  5. Speedyfish says:

    I love the handle design. Looks very secure for thrusting (yeah, my knives double for self-defense). I worry a bit about pressing on the compression lock with my thumb in hard use, like with my Yojimbo. Great blade that is leaf-shaped and with good belly. It would be nice if it had some jimping for about the first inch of the back of the blade. Overall, a very different look with interesting possibilities!

  6. Nick says:

    I agree that it looks like it would make a good folding kitchen knife. I love the use of the compression lock – it makes this knife design possible, as they mentioned, and it is a great lock. The large guard appeals to me. I also thought it would be too thin/narrow near the lock, until I saw it in Eric’s hand in the video. Looks very nice!

  7. Ricky says:

    How thick was the blade on the prototype? I know it’s still a ways off, and the specs will likely change, but….

  8. Kohai says:

    When I held the Junior at the IWA, it felt great!
    I like the design and the leaf blade.

    Thx Wout for the vid and pics!

  9. Rob says:

    With deep choil giving a narrow grip at the front and wide grip at the rear it looks like the knife would have almost a “pistol grip” feel (perhaps, a bit like the old Ayoob folder). That should give a real instinctive sense of the point.

  10. Andrey says:

    Great design! I love it. But never buy junior. I would like to see it with a blade 4″-4″1/2 length. It could be the great outdoor kitchen folding knife. To produce it as a junior will be a great marketing mistake.

  11. mpobrienx@yahoo.com says:

    Hello—first thanks for making your interesting spyderco site good job.

    With regards to the new Dialex Junior knife i think that this will be another great design that will not sell as well as it could because of the way the compression lock is being used.

    Knowledgable people especially the MBC people will see that it operates like a liner lock so squeezing your grip on the handle can easily cause the tab/tang of the lock to be pushed over and close the blade on the users fingers.

    The Superhawk had the same problem–i did not buy it for this reason.

    IMO the compression lock should be designed like the PPT with a partial scale over a framelock then you have the perfect design for a very strong MBC rated folder.


    • Thanks for the kind words, it’s fun to maintain the website and my collection.

      In my experience, the main problem with liner- and compression locks for MBC applications isn’t so much related to ‘squeezing the handle’ but it has more to do with the exposed liner that’s used for closing the lock. Torqueing the handle in your hand when the blade hits its target (comma cuts for example) can cause the lock to disengage. Integral versions of the line- en compression lock mitigate this to a certain degree. I’ve only seen locks disengage by squeezing the handles, from very cheap imports – no brand names like Spyderco or Benchmade. Then again, these may all be much more theoretical problems than practical ones, Many noteable MBC designers seem to be quite happy with Lockbacks, linerlocks and compression locks. And, yes, in the case of Spyderco prototypes, locks are chosen for their application and results after testing. Not on the basis of looks or cost effectiveness.

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