Spyderco 2010 Production Prototype Videos

At the 2010 IWA Show in Nuremberg Germany, the Spydercrew was kind enough to help me make these videos of the new production prototype knives. The sound quality sometimes lacks, but I´m working with a regular consumer camcorder on a busy showfloor. The videos do help to get a better idea of the knife´s dimensions and how it works. Of course, the expert explanations are priceless.

Bob Lum Chinese Folders

Matriarch Sprint Run

UK Penknife FRN, Titanium, Carbon Fiber

Jens Anso Zulu

Fred Perrin Folder 3 1/8

Manix 2 FRN

Caly 3.5

Paramilitary 2

Sage 3 Blackie Collins

Ed Schempp Balance

Dialex junior Concept Model

Below are two more videos that don´t deal with production prototype models, but are nonetheless very new spydies.

Flat Grind Delicas & Enduras

Carbon Fiber Family


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