New Spyderco Lum Family Photos

With two new Chinese Folders in the pipeline, I figured I get in some new family photos while they all still fit in one frame.  When reviewing these pics, one question popped in my head: “Which one is your favorite”?

(photos revised in October 2012) 

To me, that’s like asking to choose your favorite child! They’re all good, just a little different. The emerald green version was my first and I bought it when my collection consisted of maybe 10 spydies. Yes, it’s hard to believe I once had only 10 spydies, I know. Because I had so few spydies, I carried that green Chinese Folder along with my Li’l Temp almost non-stop for more than a year. It’s seen a lot of use and I can’t see myself ever getting rid of it.

The blue Lum wasn’t love at first sight; I was more into ‘tacticals’. Only when it wasn’t available anymore, I started to want one. I was ready to accept that I just couldn’t get one, when the following Christmas my wife hands me a little gift wrapped box and lo and behold, the Blue Chinese Folder! I love using it during spring or summer; the blue color gives it a ´light and warm´ feel.

When the black ZDP 189 Sprint Run Chinese Folder was announced, I had the cash and the required dealer-relationship to pre-order this bad boy. Unfortunately, one’s patience was tested severely. IIRC it took over a year from the knife’s announcement before it was shipped. The ZDP blade wasn’t as finely finished as my Stretch 2; there was some patina straight from the box. This was a bit of a bummer, but a little ‘super’ polish from AG Russell fixed that permanently. In fact, after the polishing job I not only got the start of a mirror polish, but the ZDP blade just refuses to stain. I tried mustard, balsamic vinegar, lemons etc… but the ZDP 189 has refused to stain to this day. For me, the knife now has this weird –but nice- ‘tough gent’s folder’ vibe to it. I carry it a lot more now.

The foliage green Lum was a regrettable departure from the sleek and classy colors of the previous incarnations. To me, foliage green should be reserved for ‘working’ or ‘tactical’ designs, not gent’s knives like the Lum Chinese Folder. This sprint run didn’t fly off the shelves like the ZDP sprint, so after a while I figured ‘what the heck, let’s complete this collection’. It’s proven to be a nice ‘regular carry’ knife.

The emerald green and blue Lums are reserved for special occasions and they will always be special to me. The ZDP and foliage green sprint runs see the most pocket time these days. Since I adhere to Sal’s maxim that states something along the lines of “Not using the knife is missing 80% of what we put in it”, I guess my favorite Bob Lum Chinese Folder is the ZDP189 sprint run with the black almite handle. Still, ask me again when I receive the carbon fiber and XL variations, and I may just change my mind.


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