Spyderco Michael Walker & Friends

My EDC for toda,  a slightly more classsy loadout than usual: Spyderco Michael Walker Sprint Run, Surefire Pen 2 Spyderco Ladybug 3 & Victorinox Classic SD, and a Surefire Titan.

The Michael Walker has excellent fit & finish and has proven way more practical than I expected. The ergos are surprisingly good, and the slightly dropped edge are wonderful. It’s a neat little utility folder. I think the clip should have been move up more though, and with the carbon fiber I think an extra set of clipholes for left-handed carry wouldn’t look too bad either. The Ladybug is there for the teeth, I like to have some serrations handy. The Victorinox Classy is mainly carried for the toothpick and the tweezers. Sometimes the nailfile is a lifesaver though.

The Surefire Pen 2 fits in most places that ‘normal pens’ fit into which is a plus sometimes. ‘Tactical’ pens tend to be too large most of the time, making them hard to carry in binders that have loops for ‘normal’ pens. The Titan was just way too cool to pass up, but it’s proven very practical. The adjustable beam and low settings are perfect to check on my daughter sleeping without waking her up.


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