New Spyderco Ti ATR shots

I always liked the idea of photographing all-steel folders on a black background. However, I never really like my previous attempt, the black was too light and not dark enough. This is a new attempt.

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I still like the Ti ATR a lot, I wish this model was successful enough to warrant a more refined version. I’d love to see the ATR with an elongated leaf style blade like on the Barong, but with more edge length.

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Combined with the Lava, this is a pair of folders that can do anything. The Lava is a great little utility folder, it opens any package with ease and it’s pretty NKP friendly. The ATR provides the horsepower for tougher cutting chores. That’s the main reason I like the Ti handle so much, it makes for a lighter knife (easier to carry), which is great for a knife that’s used less often.

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