Spyderco Calendar Contest

The calendar contest on the spyderco forums is over. I didn’t win, but I applaud the winners – there were some really nice entries from my fellow forumites. Since the contest is over, I figured I’d share my photoselection here – to at least show some fresh content.

The contest started just as I was preparing for my vacation. That and taking care of a 1omonth old, seriously limits one’s free time for something as trivial as taking pictures of knives 😉 . Still, I managed to get an hour to set up this shot of my trusty tiger coral kopa. In the end I didn’t quite like the quality and composition. The butt of the knife isn’t as crisply shot as it should be and I felt the composition was to cluttered.

Salt 1
At my vacation address, a luxury farm house in the south of France, we had our own pool. I couldn’t resist trying to take a few shots of my Salt 1 in its natural environment. However the idea didn’t pan out, the macro shots and my lack of skills couldn’t make it clear that this was a really nice pool with a view. This one was funny, but should have been shot in murky outdoor water, it kind of looks like a crocodile in the water.

UKPK Drop Point
The UKPK Drop Point was my main carry folder throughout my vacation and I found two spots that made for some nice macro backgrounds. The garden of our farmhouse contained cherry and wallnut trees. I ended up using the last picture to enter the contest.


2 Responses to Spyderco Calendar Contest

  1. Andrea Fisher says:

    I am DESPERATE to find a Kopa Tiger Coral. I have checked every website and I have found only 2. One is at Knivesman…which is non-existant anymore as I ordered the knife and never received it or any response. The other is in Germany. I am hesitant to wire money. Please help. I’ll pay anything.My son is very ill and only needs the tiger coral to complete his collection. Thank you

  2. I’m sorry but I can’t help you direct. Wiring money should not be necessary for a reliable dealer, credit card should be just fine. You could also check Ebay, Spyderco directly or any of the knife forums, see the links on the right under ‘discussion forums’

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