Updated Spyderco Kiwi Family Photos

With the arrival of my patriot Kiwi a few months ago, I figured it was time to update the family portrait.




Check out the review of the Kiwi that I published in the late Jurassic period, or 2006 of your earth years A.D.

I’ll start work again on on some better content soon, I plan to do a video review on the G1o Dragonfly. However, I got a new job coming up which also means I’m getting ready to move and sell my house; hectic times.


3 Responses to Updated Spyderco Kiwi Family Photos

  1. Trailmaster says:

    Superb collection 🙂

  2. Thank you, but it pales in comparison to this guy: http://paulberetta.com/kiwimania/index.html

  3. knivesandflames says:

    very nice collection

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