Spyderco G10 Dragonfly Review

I was happy to read the announcements about this -first- truly lefty friendly Spyderco Dragonfly. I carried and used it on and off the past few months and compiled my impressions for this video review.

One or two cuts are not completely in sync, I forgot to cover one more ‘preferred grip’, and I’ll try to talk a little slower next time. At least that provides more incentive to make another videoreview in the future.

See this clip in full size HD at youtube.com/spydercollector


2 Responses to Spyderco G10 Dragonfly Review

  1. You should work for Spyderco! This video was the one that sold me on the Dragonfly II. I will get the FRN version for myself but I’m looking forward to giving the G10 as a gift eventually to friends and family that can appreciate it. An almost perfect knife and an almost perfect review. Care to comment on the equipment/technique you use to shoot these reviews? I am a [nature] photographer and your videos are so crisp and well edited, especially when compared with the poorly lit, out of sync, shaky and unfocused review videos that are the norm in YouTube and elsewhere these days. I am sure I could learn a lot from your technique.

    • Thank for the kind words, my equipment isn’t very spectacular I use point-and-shoot digital camcorder and photocamera. I do pay attention to light. My daytime job is in business communications, so I tend to focus on the actual story I’m trying to tell – and for pictures I think it’s important to try and make to colors etc… look as real as possible. That’s what I always look for myself.

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