Reorganized my 2010 Prototype Info

While thinking about the upcoming shoot of new Spyderco production prototype knives for 2011, I noticed that my prototype page needed some cleaning up.

In all the excitement of getting the pics,videos and info out as soon as possible, it all got kind of cluttered. I added some organization by adding pics of the various parts in the report. I also combined all videos in one new page. See the changes below, and permanently on the prototype page.

It is starting to get crowded on that page, but I also know that I rather scroll a bit more than have to keep clicking to find the info I’m looking for. I’ll have to think about future changes to the layout of the page.

I intend to post all 2011 prototypes one knife per post, and to combine all info, pictures and videos of the same model in one post. That way, it’s easier to navigate between  the different prototypes. I’m thinkin about adding a little Bug knife this year, to add a bit of scale and perspective to eache knife’s size.

2010 – Spyderco Production Prototypes
Pictures, Videos and Descriptions

Part 1:
Ed Schempp Balance, Jason Breeden Rescue,  Kiwi slipit, FRN Manix 2


Part 2:
Matriarch Sprint Run, Grasshopper, Native 4, Damascus Delica Sprint


Part 3:
Caly 3.5, Chinese Folder Carbon Fiber, Chinese Folder Extra Large,
Super Leaf, Sage 3, UKPK FRN, UKPK Titanium, UKPK Carbon Fiber


Part 4:
Shabaria Sprint, Paramilitary 2, Fred Perrin 3-1/8″, Jens Anso Zulu,
Laci Szabo Folder


Scoop: Dialex Junior Concept Model

2010 – Production Prototype Videos
Click here to see all the videos I shot of the prototypes. Including the Ed Schempp Balance, Sage 3, Paramilitary 2, Caly 3.5, Manix 2 FRN, Fred Perrin PPT, Jens Anso Zulu, UK Penknives in FRN/Ti/CF, Matriarch Sprint run and the Bob Lum Chinese Folders.

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