Spyderco 2011 Prototype– Des Horn Folder

The meets seem to get better each year and this year was no exception and I got the pics to prove it ;). I had a great time meeting the Spydercrew and fellow knifeknuts. There were so many concept models and prototypes; I actually had kind of a hard time keeping track of the various models. I did shoot pics of everyone, but for complete info I hope my fellow spyderknuts will chime in.

Today I’ll focus on two wharncliffe models of opposite ends of the spectrum. First up is the Des Horn Folder by …you guessed it, Des Horn; a South African custom knifemaker. This is a very slick little gent’s folder. The G10 handle is very lightweight and sports a very fine splinter-picker S30V wharncliffe blade. The tip down wireclip is a first for Spyderco.

I really liked how it handled. Even though the knife is aimed at right-handers, I had no trouble flicking it open with my left hand. This one is definitely ‘wish list’ material.

5 Responses to Spyderco 2011 Prototype– Des Horn Folder

  1. MyKnife says:

    Awesome design! When I buy it, I have to ask Des for signature ;-).

  2. A-Knife says:

    Hi, great pix as always.

    This is actually the 2nd tip down wireclip. Eric mumbled it when Sal told it but I was sitting 1st row so I heared him say the Meerkat has a similar clip.

  3. O'Malley says:

    You don’t happen to know the width of the blade stock do you?

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