Spyderco 2011 Prototype – Dragonfly H1

A familiar face with a twist; the Dragonfly 2 in H1 Steel.  I think it’s been about 20 years before the Dragonfly got an upgrade. Now we can look forward to a new variation with yellow scales and an H1 steel blade. Since H1 steel can´t be manufactured in a full flat grind, the D2 got a hollow ground blade. I must say I really dig the lines, beautiful. I like my H1 with teeth, so if an SE version comes out I´ll pick one up for sure.


2 Responses to Spyderco 2011 Prototype – Dragonfly H1

  1. MWDP says:

    Hello friend, can you please explain why H1 can’t be done in full flat grind? I never heard of this before, but when I think about it all H1 knives I can recall have a hollow grind. Would you please give some elaboration? This is very interesting to me. Thanks!

    • IIRC it has to do with the work-hardening properties of H1, the blade has to be ground on both sides simultaneously. In production this is, apparently, only practical and affordable to do with a hollow grind. Full falt grind can be done, but I’ve only seen samples by Tom Krein. It’s a careful procedure that’s too expensive for production. But I’m not 100% sure, pose your question on the knifeforums at spyderco.com and you’ll get a definitive reply.

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