Spyderco 2011 Prototype – Native 5 G10 and Fluted Titatium

Spyderco has been working on a new Native for quite some time. You could also say they never stopped working on the Native design. However, the Native 4 was a nice upgrade, including CF scales, but this fifth version seems beefier and more soldid in the hand. One design goal in this knife was to get the best possible back-lock with the closest and reliable tolerances.

I liked the G10 version, but I love the fluted titanium version! The pattern is stunning and grippy but not overly so. The pattern didn’t seem too sharp to me, but that was only after 5 minutes handling the knife. The scales are just as thick as on the G10 variation and the knife’s weight seemed the same as the G10 version. I’d be curious to see if thinner titanium handle scales would lower the weight a bit more. This one is going on the wishlist though, no questions asked. I’m a sucker for a cool handle pattern like this.

2 Responses to Spyderco 2011 Prototype – Native 5 G10 and Fluted Titatium

  1. […] design on its fluted titanium handle. Although I’ve never held this knife, someone from the Spyderco Collector noted that the pattern didn’t seem too sharp and had a great […]

  2. […] my experience with the Native 5. One new feature I like in the Lil’ Native, compared to my older G10 Native 5, is the lack of liners. The Lil’ Native is a thick and stout little knife, but it’s also very […]

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