Spyderco 2011 Prototype – Ladybug Tattoo

A new coat for an old friend; the stainless steel Ladybug 3 with a tattoo. It is a nice graphic and apparently, the technology with which the Japanese manufacturer did it, is a secret. I like the vibrant colors and I’d love to click one on one of my Victorinox Classics (I always carry two of those together) and see how the tattoo holds up in daily carry and use.


2 Responses to Spyderco 2011 Prototype – Ladybug Tattoo

  1. amanda says:

    I own the dragonfly tattoo and carry & use it every day, the design has held up perfectly! I am SO excited for the ladybug tattoo!

  2. Yoyoi says:

    A bit dissapointing that it copies the same design from the dragonfly, the ladybug doesnt quite look right on the handle. Still on my to-buy-list though 🙂

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