Spyderco 2011 Prototype – Centofante Memory

This is the last prototype I can show you, the Frank Centofante Memory model. I wasn’t sure if I could show you this model yet, I had to check with the Spydercrew over the weekend at the IWA show in Germany.  


Centofante has apparently been very important in the development of Spyderco as a knife manufacturer. Sal told us about how Frank Centofante influenced them in manufacturing quality. Mr. Centofante passed on in 2009 if I recall correctly, and this model will be in dedication to his memory.


The knife is a classic gent´s knife with very refined lines. The handle is blue anodized titanium with a silver twill carbon fiber onlay. The piece is very lightweight and the handle to blade ratio is very close. Even though this model is not intended for left-handed users, I had no trouble opening and closing it left-handed. The action was very smooth. Since my father was a fan of Spyderco Centofante collaborations before he passed on in 2009, this model has somewhat of a double meaning for me and is a must-have in my collection.


4 Responses to Spyderco 2011 Prototype – Centofante Memory

  1. Dan says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful knife. The blue titanium, carbon fiber inlay and elegant blade shape will make this a “must have” for my collection.

  2. Tom says:

    Very nice looking knife, I definately want one. I love the clean lines, non-hump blade, pretty silver CF, and filed spine. I think Frank would be proud and believe it follows his style.

    My areas for improvement would be number 1,that the pretty filed spine be more noticeable by having it silver in color polished or not polished (if cost is a consideration). This way it would contrast with the blue titainium and be more noticeable after all you went through the trouble of filing it.

    Other comment, is there a way to attach the very pretty silver carbon fiber to the titainium more seemlessly to make the lines cleaner less cluttered. It appears lint may gather between the CF and titainium.

    If it cost more, just charge more, after all it is a memory knife. Errr, okay less than $200.

    Oh one more thing, comments others have said about the clip. The clip is fine. Satin silver is perfect, it matches the blade, and has clean lines.

    I hope you seriously consider these suggestions.

    Sinerly. Tom

  3. o-yeaaa says:

    Oh man I cant wait for that piece to come out, its is looking sweet

  4. F-J says:

    Clean, refined and pure!
    I can hardly wait to put a .25 micron edge on one.

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