Spyderco 2011 Prototype Video – Ed Schempp Balance

A quick overview of the upcoming Balance, designed by Ed Schempp, with a stainless steel handle.

3 Responses to Spyderco 2011 Prototype Video – Ed Schempp Balance

  1. Dan says:

    I really liked the design of the original Balance, but it was just too expensive for me. I love how thin this stainless steel version is. I wonder if we are going to see this one cost a little less or if it is still going to be a $100+ knife?

  2. […] Click here to see Ed discussing the design of both the Balance and the Equilibrium, and here  for Eric’s presentation of the Balance. Back in 2010, I got to shoot some photos of the prototype Carbon Fiber Balance and in 2011 the prototype Balance in stainless steel. […]

  3. […] See more details of the C141 Balance on Spyderco’s website and on SpydieWiki. You can also see more photos of my customized Balance in this post. And see the C141 prototype in this post and this video. […]

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