Added 2011 Prototype Overview to the ‘Prototypes Section’

The title pretty much says it all; I organized all the 2011 prototypes from my site in the overview below. I have permanently added it to my Prototypes Section. I’m amazed some of these are already out (e.g. Navaja and Dragonfly Salt), and even some that weren’t even shown at the Amsterdam Meet (e.g. Schempp Rock)!

2011 – Spyderco Production Prototypes
Videos are included on most of the prototypes´ pages

Des Horn Folder, Yojimbo 2Ed Schempp Balance SS, Chaparral CF

Dragonfly H1, Native 5 G10 & Fluted Ti, Manix 2 FRN, Ladybug Tattoo

Dyad Sprint, Updated Spring for FRN Slipits,  Squeak, Ayoob Sprint

Lum Tanto Sprint, Szabo Folder, Military Fluted Ti, Junior, Navaja

Tuff, SpyLeone, Vallotton Folder, Pygmy Warrior, Carpenter, Techno

Manbug, Southfork, Puukko, Delica Damascus Sprint

2011 – Byrd Production Prototype

Tern Slipit

2010 – Spyderco Production Prototypes

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