Spyderco FFG Orange Delica

As a certified Delicaholic I couldn’t resist getting one of the new full flat ground (FFG) Orange Delicas. My hunt started as soon as I read the tweet announcing the new release. My initial worry was that this was a sprint run, but I got the confirmation that the Orange Delica is going to be a regular production model. So it will join ranks with the other colored FFG Delicas. Since Orange is my country’s national color, I carry this bright Spydie with pride!

The Delica’s shade of orange is -to me- slightly lighter or a shade less bright than the orange on the FRN Ladybug sprint. Other accessories in this pic are the Spyderco logo USB drive and a Victorinox Classic.

A slight blemish can be seen in this pic, the polisher of the Delica’s blade left some barely noticeable streaks along the length of the blade. I hardly notice it, perhaps I’ll polish it out myself with some compound later on.

This pic illustrates the color difference between both orange FRN Spydies, the Ladybug being a tad darker and brighter. This photo series is also the first one I made using my new photo ‘studio’. Instead of having to go outside I can now retire in my attic and shoot knifepics beneath a window in the roof that faces south giving me the most light-hours; blinds help direct the light. So I’m no longer dependent on a dry overcast day for knifepics, I can set things up and leave it there for days if necessary.

2 Responses to Spyderco FFG Orange Delica

  1. Looks awesome Wouter! I love that shade of orange and am so pleased to see Spyderco add it to the line up. It definitely stands out!

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