Complete Chinese Folder Collection Pic (for now)

There are a few designs in the Spyderco line-up that I really -really- like. The three that come to mind immediately are the Delica, Ladybug, Stetch and the Lum Chinese Folder. It’s my goal is to get every varation of this model I can – that i like. The sprint run Chinese Folder with the black blade really did nothing for me so I let that one go. I did like the new carbon fiber model, so I raced to get one. With that, I ‘had’ to update my Lum Chinese Folder family photos.

I also have the XL G10 version, but I´m not sure it´s a ´fit´ with these beauties. I´m still testing the G10 behemoth. For now, these are the updated Chinese Folder pics.


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