The gear I carried this weekend: Spyderco, Sunwayman, Victorinox and Zippo

I love collecting Spydies, and I ‘dabble’ in lights and lighters. One bonus of my hobby is that I get to carry the ‘right’ knives and tools for any occasion. This weekend was spent unwrapping gifts and having good old fashioned family fun celebrating Sinterklaas. The gear I carried to this occasion: a customized Delica 4, Kopa, SS Ladybug 3, Aluminum Victorinox Classic, decorated regular Zippo and a Titanium Sunwayman flashlight.

The Delica
This knife started as a regular Delica 4 with a stainless steel handle and serrated blade. The good folks at Santa Fe Stoneworks (SFSW) added a spectacular onlay to the handle. I gather it is Abalone and the web pattern is likely Sugilite (purple) and Malachite (green), finished with a sterling silver bug. I received the knife as a gift from a dear friend in a very sad time.  The edge was a little dull, the blade had some scratches on it and the bug in the handle was kind of dirty. Sharpening and cleaning the knife up, proved to be a very therapeutic exercise. The handle is very comfortable. It doesn’t feel or carry like an unusually thick handle at all. The clip (the other side of the handle is not embellished) is set up for my preferred tip-up carry. The jimping behind the hole is nice and sharp. I’ve seen a few Delica 4 models with stainless steel handles that feature rather ‘slippery’ jimping. This Delica always gets nods of approval from my non-knife enthusiast family. The serrated blade sailed through a few blisterpacks for the kids’ toys that Sinterklaas brought.

The Kopa
In the same week I got the SFSW Delica, my pre-ordered Abalone Kopa came in. I tend to carry them in tandem. This Kopa features an inlay of Abalone and black & white Pearl stripes.  The small size and embellished handle always makes the Kopa a ‘crowd pleaser’. In addition, the knife just plain works. The grip is great, the blade is thick and stands up to light prying, but the full flat grind makes it a wonderful slicer. The right-hand-only and tip-down clip is not ideal, but I can use it quite well as a left-handed carry folder. This Kopa cut tape from packages and helped cut up some fruit for the kids; it’s not all ‘pepernoten’ en ‘speculaas’ in our house.

The Ladybug
I always carry a Ladybug or Jester, linked to a Victorinox Classic of some sort. It´s a back-up blade for me, and sometimes the only teeth in my gear selection. It didn´t see any use this weekend.

The Classic
The Victorinox Classic does a couple of things for me, it helps grip the Ladybug or Jester it´s linked to and it provides some really useful tools. Many years ago I carried a multitool, but I concluded I only really use a few tools that are all found in the Classic: scissors, screwdriver, tweezers, toothpick and file. This weekend the scissors helped trim a loose string on my wife’s dress. The screwdriver helped open up the battery compartment of my nephew’s new remote controlled Lamborghini.

The Zippo
I don’t smoke often but I when I do, I like to light up a cigar. I know it’s a crime against the laws of cigar smoking, but I just prefer to use my Zippos. I have a few from a time long ago when I smoked cigarettes. 15 years later, they still work just as smoothly as they did back then.

The Sunwayman
I used to be a Surefire-only man, but I will admit I was disappointed with the 2011 catalog. My favorite carry light is a single cell CR123 light. Surefire did not offer any new single cell lights this year. Sunwayman offers pretty much all I want in a single cell light; amazing brightness and very useful low levels. The selector ring offers infinitely adjustable levels. A feature I simply ‘must’ have in any EDC light I carry these days. I added an elastic glow-in-the-dark ring to the light’s body. This titanium light is a favorite of my 2 year old daughter, she loves finding our car in the dark with it. And it helps us keeping an eye on her when we walked to the car after a wonderful Sinterklaas evening at my sister’s house.


One Response to The gear I carried this weekend: Spyderco, Sunwayman, Victorinox and Zippo

  1. Rob Robideau says:

    Thanks for sharing. That Kopa looks gorgeous!

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