Last weekend’s Camo EDC

Last weekend I decided to clip on some camo; digicam Paramilitary 2, G10 FFG Delica, foliage green Ladybug & Victorinox Classic, Sunwayman V10R flashlight and my tan Surefire Pen.

The Paramilitary 2
I´m a sucker for colors other than black on my Spydies, and I loved the digicam pattern when it first came out. However, this PM2 is the first knife I liked that featured the digicam pattern. The Paramilitary 2 is pretty much all I wanted to see changed or refined in the original Military that got me hooked on Spyderco. The blade is a bit smaller, the handle ergos are a better fit for my hand, the lock is ambidextrous and the clip can be mounted tip-up.  The PM2 helped prepare dinner on Saturday, and did it very well.

The Delica
I know Spyderco overdid it a bit when they purchased that huge load of foliage green G10. It must have been a lot, because a lot of new knives came in this particular color a few years ago. I like this Delica, but I feel the light FFG blade is better at home in an FRN handle. The G10 Delica is rather handle-heavy. Still, this is one thin and sharp blade. The edge and tip are superb for fine cutting chores. The thin tip had no problem finding the small slot on the envelopes that came in the mail. The thin edge just zipped through the envelopes like air.

The Ladybug
I didn’t use this wonderful little watch pocket filler, but I was glad I had it on me. The toothpick on the classic did help fix a toy for my daughter though.

The Flashlight

Easily carried in my jacket pocket, this Sunwayman V10R flashlight is a nice little single CR123 cell light. The construction quality on these Sunwayman lights is amazing, especially for the price. I found a new use for an EDC flashlight this weekend. My 2,5 year old daughter loves this little light (she has a JIL twisty of her own), but like all kids she sometimes loves to run around on the sidewalk – and like all parents that’s when my antenna goes up to look for cars and such. On our walk home from the playground I took out the flashlight to light our way a bit (it gets dark early now), and she wanted to hold the light. We held the light together and had a great –and safe- walk home.  I’m going to use this trick more often to keep her by my side; she holds my hand holding the flashlight while we walk and we both have a lot of fun with the beam.

The Pen
The Surefire Pen 1 is not a lightweight, but I will probably never wear it out.  It’s too big to carry in my pockets, combined with the rest of my gear, but there’s always a perfect place for this pen in one of my Maxpedition bags. It helped draft the grocery shopping list when we were out for coffee.


One Response to Last weekend’s Camo EDC

  1. Scott says:

    gray seems to be the new foliage green. get with the times man! :joking

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