Spyderco 2012 Prototype – Pekka Tuominen Nilakka

By this time during the meet I was busy taking the photos. Subsequently, I didn’t catch much info about this model from Sal or Eric. I hope some of the other attendees can add their info on this model.

To me, this knife was a lovely surprise. I love the design and engineering to make it truly look like a traditional Puukko with a modern twist. The knife seemed to me to have 3,5 to 4 inch blade. The blade is zero-ground. The nick in the edge you see in these photos was the result of accidentally dropping the prototype.  The blade just flies open and the handle seemed very ergonomic. Odd though, considering the boxy look of the handle. The knife seemed about as heavy as a typical 4-inch G10 Spydie. I’m extremely interested in trying out this unique design.

11 Responses to Spyderco 2012 Prototype – Pekka Tuominen Nilakka

  1. Lou says:

    This looks awesome! Great job!
    Do you have any pictures of the Szabo Folder?

  2. cuttingedge says:

    Is a must have I’m afraid…:-)

  3. Veli-Markus Halonen says:

    Clean lines, sound and simple design. Sharp edges are not necessarily friendly to hands or pockets. Seen worse.

  4. kenneth says:

    would love to see the brad southard collabo, too 🙂

  5. […] Glesser explains the backstory and features of the upcoming Spyderco Nilakka folding knife at the IWA show in Germany. It’s a folding Puukko design by Pekka […]

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  7. shevtar says:

    Any hints when it will be available?

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