Spyderco 2012 Prototype – Bob Terzuola Starmate

Another familiar blade was the Starmate. This time, it will be made in Japan. I never owned one, so I was happy to see and handle this familiar design. Overall size and materials reminded me of the Military. The Starmate seemed to have a bit more heft to it though. It’s a straight design and the blade stays pretty solid all the way to the tip.  


5 Responses to Spyderco 2012 Prototype – Bob Terzuola Starmate

  1. Any word at the show when this knife may be released? I owned both the plain edge and serrated edge but I did not like the tip down only carry option. Also, I felt the original did not have enough heft in the handle. By your description and the photos depicting the different clip locations it would appear that those issues for me have been solved with this prototype.

    Plus I prefer the frame lock mechanism for one handed operation.

    Thanks for the photos, as always, your write-ups are always excellent and great photos too.

    • I’m not sure. Typically, you’ll see production versions of the prototypes within a year.

      • Thanks for the update. I’ve turned into a frame lock/liner lock knife preference user. I like the ease of one hand closing. The Starmate’s blade shape is my favorite including its length. It would be nice if they released both a plain edge and serrated edge versions.

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