Black G-10 EDC; Spyderco Mini Persian and UKPK

Inspired by a discussion on the Spyderco forums last weekend, I decided to clip on my G10 Mini Persian. I figured the Mini Persian would feel ‘lonely’ so I added my old black G-10 UKPK. The rest seemed to come naturally.

Also pictured: Jetbeam Raptor flashlight, Surefire Pen II and Sony Ericsson Ray Smartphone.

G-1o Mini Persian
The G-10 version of Ed Schempp’s design is much more EDC friendly than the earlier edition of the Mini Persian, with its stainless steel bolster and Micarta handle. This G-10 folder is lighter and thinner. The G-10 is easier to clean and maintain as well. From the box, the action was a bit rough. It got better with use and repeated opening/closing cycles. The tolerances on this knife are close and the washers are thin (if they’re used at all), so don’t be stingy with lube on the pivot. The clip on this Mini-Persian was simply too tight for me. A careful ‘ re-bending’  solved that problem though.  The curvy edge and trailing point are pretty unique for the Spyderco line-up. I like the fact that this knife feels like part ‘ micro bowie’, ‘gent’s knife’  and ‘kitchen knife’  all in one. It’s a joy to use and show off.

Original UKPK
The UKPK was the first edition of this Spyderco slipit and it’s cool to see the progression this model has made over the years. This sample seems a bit rough to me now. The action isn’t as smooth as current G10 (or CF or Ti) UKPKs and the overal fit and finish isn’t as nice as the more recent UKPKs in my collection. Still, a nice carry piece and a piece of Spyderco history.


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