EDC selection: Spyderco Dragonflies and touch of green

Last month the weather was very nice so I decided to ‘travel light’, with a pair of Spyderco Dragonflies, my ubiquitous Ladybug/Vic Classic combo, a Sunwayman V10R flashlight and a Spyderco grey Baliyo. When I dug everything up and laid it out, I couldn´t resist a quick EDC-pic. Even though I rotate my knives way too often to warrant the E in EDC.

I always liked the Dragonfly design, but I only started ‘loving’ the small cutter when the ‘2’ design came out. A lefty-clip option was the main thing I missed on the previous design. I jumped on the green G10 Dragonfly for this very reason. I’m happy to see the FRN versions coming out and the ZDP-189 version is a great performer. Before use, I applied some metal polish to make the ZDP’s surface more resistant to staining. ZDP-189 is ‘stainless’ and not ‘stainproof’; when cutting acidic materials the blade can stain. It doesn’t hurt performance, but it does hurt my eyes. I did the same for the smaller ZDP Ladybug. I think it’s hilarious to see such a high-performance steel in what most people will simply refer to as a keychain knife.

The V10R flashlight is simply great. Excellent fit and finish and apart from the strobe function, I really appreciate the light levels that the ring-selector offers. I used this light on a 2 week camping trip recently. Every night I used the light as a tail-standing mini lantern on the table on the porch of our cabin. The white ‘ceiling’ on our cabin’s porch offered excellent reflection to light our table as we played games etc… The light didn’t need a battery change until after the two week trip was over.

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