My submission for the 2013 Spyderco Calendar Contest

For a few years now, Spyderco has organized a calendar contest on its own factory forum. I though about my submission for a while and I decided to post a Spyderco that technically doesn’t exist yet. Read my motivation below.

Forum Name: Mr Blonde
Model: Spyderco C156GPBN Brad Southard Flipper

A large part of our collective enthusiasm for Spyderco knives, on this forum, is the anticipation for the next new design. Spyderco has always shared new design prototypes with us knifeknuts for feedback before they are finally produced. This knife doesn’t really exist yet, it’s the Brad Southard Flipper prototype that was shown at the 2012 Amsterdam Meet. I was more than happy to take the pictures and share them with my fellow knifeknuts online. Judging from my web statistics, it is the single most anticipated new Spyderco knife for 2013.

2 Responses to My submission for the 2013 Spyderco Calendar Contest

  1. Ben ( Cuttingedge) says:

    Thuis is a Must have, but is IT allowed in Holland

  2. Damn straight it is! Autos and balis were only banned this year. One hand openers and flippers are still OK.

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