Spyderco Sage 4: a tribute to Al Mar

Just in case if there’s anybody out there who never quite ‘got’ the design of the Sage 4, here’s a comparison with some nice Al Mar folders from my collection.  The Spyderco Sage series highlight important contributions to lock design in the knife industry. The Sage 4 celebrates the lock used on many Al Mar folding knives.  The Sage 4, in my opinion, goes a bit further than just the lock.

The Sage 4 is pretty much a ‘spyderized’ Al Mar Falcon. The Falcon pictured here (the larger Al Mar folder) is a recently produced ‘classic’ by Al Mar with cocobolo handle. The wood on the Sage 4 is Desert Ironwood. The smallest Al Mar in these pics, the Hawk with cocobolo handles, is vintage Al Mar. Made by Moki according to the stamp. As you can tell from these pics, the supposedly ‘large’ titanium bolster on the Sage 4 is a reflection of the classic designs of these legendary Al Mar folders.

The Sage 4 is decidedly less ´sleek´ than these Al Mars though. For a Spydie the profile is familiar, it´s about the same size as a Native or Calypso/UKPK design. But the Sage series has to stick with the same profile, I guess, or else it would become a different model. I love the variation though. There aren’t many Spyderco knives out there with wood handles. I still would have liked to see those trademark brass liners in this Spyderco tribute to Al Mar.

Al Mar knives have always had a special place in my collection. I’m happy I showed at least some good taste in knife collecting in the early 90s, when I picked up a few Al Mars. The quality and design still holds up. If I couldn’t carry one hand-opening knives anymore, I’d switch to an Al Mar Falcon in a heartbeat.

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2 Responses to Spyderco Sage 4: a tribute to Al Mar

  1. Dan says:

    Wow. Thank you Wouter for sharing your knowledge (and 3 beautiful knives from your collection)! I did not fully understand the Sage 4, but now it is crystal clear. It is a very handsome homage, even if it is relatively chunky. This knife is now on my radar, and I hope Spyderco continues to run with this series. Thanks again.

  2. Wonderful knives, both Al Mars and especially the Sage. Thank you for showing.

    Best regards

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