Vintage Spyderco Calypso jr. EDC

I thought of dusting off these old Spyderco Calypso jr. folders, after I took them out for a photo shoot with my new sprint run Caly 3. I’m certainly not done with the CF & Damascus Caly 3, but I was curious how I’d like these vintage spydies for a couple of days of carry & use.


Both knives took some cleaning, oiling and sharpening after my many years of neglect. Once they were ready, it seemed they came fresh from the box. The workmanship on both knives is still great: excellent fit & finish, great lock-up and smooth opening action. The micarta Calypso jr. still is a great lightweight carry folder. I used the stainless steel Calypso jr. for most of my cutting tasks. I found it’s not the greatest cutter in my collection. The relatively low hollow grind works but when you’re used to thin full flat grind blades you definitely notice a drag when cutting. The opening hole seemed too small for me and the SS handle really makes this Calypso jr. too heavy for my tastes. It was weird to carry two midlock spydies that only offer one clip mounting option; right-hand tip-up. The Caly 3 definitely is a vast improvement over this vintage design. Still, this was fun little experiment. I will definitely revisit more of my vintage spydies.

2 Responses to Vintage Spyderco Calypso jr. EDC

  1. Ben says:

    Evidently The Spyderco knives are also getting better , evolving when times go on!!

  2. […] photographing my new Caly 3 damascus/cf sprint with my vintage Calypso Jr. knives, I decided to carry those old spydies to see what they were like today. This is in turn, […]

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