Spyderco 2013 Prototype Video – Wayne Goddard Sprint Run

I visited the SHOT show this year, and on day 1 I got the flu. I did manage to visit the show and meet up with the spydercrew. They helped me shoot a few videos of some upcoming knives that I can share with you guys. I just hope I didn’t infect anybody.

Compared to the annual IWA show in Germany, which I have visited regularly over the past few years, SHOT is so much bigger. It is truly a ‘gathering of the tribes’. I noticed visitors all over Las Vegas with their desert camo packs (with morale patches) and pocket clips. I just wish I felt better so I could have seen more of the show and the town. Thanks again to Eric and everyone else manning the booth for their hospitality, support and vitamins!

The two prototype cases at the Spyderco booth were stacked full with concept models and prototypes. I seemed to notice more ‘red tags’ (concept models) than ‘grey tags’ (production prototypes). There were many cool new knives and ideas for new knives. Among them were colorful handle variations for the Native and some cool ideas for the Paramilitary 2. I’m sure I’ll get a better and closer look (and photos) at everything at the Amsterdam Meet.  I also had a great time meeting Gayle Bradley and Phil Wilson, and it was very nice to see Ed Schempp again.

Here’s the first video I shot of Eric Glesser presenting the upcoming Wayne Goddard sprint run.

I noticed that Eric calls the handle color grey, to me it looked more like green. It seemed a little darker than the foliage green we know from the Delica and Endura editions. The ‘new’ hourglass pocket clip makes the knife a little easier on the hand when gripping the knife, compared to the previous Goddard FRN Sprints. The FFG blade didn’t seem too thin at all, which I kind of suspected after seeing it in the catalog. I’ll definitely try to add this model to my collection of Goddard sprints.

2 Responses to Spyderco 2013 Prototype Video – Wayne Goddard Sprint Run

  1. John Yee says:

    What is the length of the blade on the Goddard? That has been on my wish list for years.

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