Spyderco 2013 Concept Model – ClipiTool

I have seen earlier versions of this ClipiTool concept model over the years, and it’s impressive to see how an idea became a design and now a production quality tool. The ClipiTool features a blade similar to a Ladybug and a tool. The three ClipiTool concept models featured either a pair of scissors, serrated sheepsfoot blade or a bottlecap opener/screwdriver tool.

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All the blades/tools featured a forefinger choil for control, and a measure of safety since these ClipiTools were slipits. I could easily open the knife blades with one hand, and the round holes for the tools seemed to work better for me than a regular small nailnick in tools of this size. Personally, I would prefer these small tools to be a bit lighter, perhaps with G10 or FRN instead of steel for the handle scales?

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For the ClipiTool concept models, the approximate specifications are:

Knife Blade / Scissors / Bottle Cap Opener Tool Length: 5,7 cm / 2.24 inch
Overall Length: 11,8 cm / 4.64 inch


9 Responses to Spyderco 2013 Concept Model – ClipiTool

  1. mike says:

    Your pictures are always fantastic, and I really like how you started putting the measurements in here. I’ll probably get one (or more) of these when they come out. I am confused by the numbers, though. They suggest a 6,1cm handle, which seems too short for a 5,7cm blade. Are you sure that the measurement is correct?

  2. 8steve88 says:

    It’s now 1 year on.
    Any news of these being released yet?

    • I believe they are out and are starting to show up at dealers. Your dealer will know for sure though, or contact Spyderco. All attendees of the Amsterdam Meet, last weekend, got one.

  3. 8steve88 says:

    Yes, I’ve just discovered that they are on sale in the U.S.A and on pre-order in the U.K.
    Thank you for your speedy reply by the way.

  4. Steve says:

    I’ve just received confirmation that my slipitool serrated is ready for delivery. Looking forward to trying the serrations, my first Spyderco serrations.

  5. Steve says:

    Received my ClipiTool and my first impression was that it was very small, I would have preferred something the same size as the Grasshopper. It looks well made and solid, built to last.
    I really bought this as a cheaper way of trying out the Spyderedge. I normally don’t like serrated blades or combo edges but it’s all about the shape of the teeth – these cut very well and have me convinced that I might like a Spyderco with a combo edge.
    Well done Sal and the team.

  6. Felix says:

    Just received 2 of the Clipitools with Serrated Blade. Great as all the points mentioned. However my serrated blade closes in all the way i.e. the sharp tip touches the handles so snapping it close will affect the sheepsfoot tip. Blade stiff and Clip real tight but the best value for a SpyderEdge and PE!

  7. Steve says:

    “best value for a SpyderEdge and PE!”
    The main reason for me buying the serrated version was to try out the Spyderedge. I was disappointed by the strong backspring on both the PE and SE. Like most slipjoints, far too strong! Both blades are superb. The clip works but adds to the bulk, still it is a “Clipit”tool.
    Maybe Spyderco should look to the SanRenMu/Liong Mah system of slipjoint detent/open and detent/close. Adjustable tension by bending the tangs in the liner.

    • Felix says:

      Very true.

      I can’t help to think perhaps we’re too used to non slipits. Smooth one handed locking blades.

      Perhaps for the purposes of having a more legal knife (as with the uk with ukpk etc). That one handed opening should be very difficult though possible. And the strong backspring to well hold it in place because it isn’t locking. I can open it one handed but it’ll torture my thumb due to the slight recessed, sharp hole with stiff backsprings.

      So for that “extra legal” non locking, 2 hand opening knife. It seems perfect 🙂 I think the clip needs breaking in. Hope the backsprings will too 😛

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