My submission for the 2014 Spyderco Calendar Contest

Spyderco decided to run another calendar contest this year. Despite my horrible track record, I decided to try an idea I had last time.

Click for a full size image in a new window

I think every calendar needs a photo that is made specifically for a particular season. That is why I pictured a Spyderco-themed Christmas dinner table setting, with a different spydie to be used for each course. The bowl featuring the entrée is filled with iron and a 😉 . Christmas often brings a sense of nostalgia, so I chose three all-time classic Spyderco designs for this photo.

Knives pictured, left to right:
C07S Police
C69G Li’l Temperance
C92TCP Kopa Tiger Coral

Forum Name: Mr Blonde

3 Responses to My submission for the 2014 Spyderco Calendar Contest

  1. genoux lucien says:

    i thing its a very good idea!
    montrez nous un prototype..

  2. Zach says:

    Where do you get all of the Pewter pins from??


    I love your site. Amazing pictures.


    • From scrounging around the Spyderco booths at various tradeshows over the years. They were also handed out at the Amsterdam Meets over the past few years. Some were also given and traded with fellow collectors.

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