Updated Spyderco Dodo collection

I loved the Dodo when it came out around 2004 IIRC. I carried my black and blue versions almost religiously for quite some time (my collection wasn’t that big back then).  So when a sprint comes out, nostalgia sweeps over me and I simply must get it. With two sprint runs over the past two years, it’s time to update the Dodo family photos.

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The orange sprint run turned out nice, but I must confess I’m a bit disappointed with the recent carbon fiber version, the edge grind is simply not the distinct S-shape as in previous editions. I noticed this in all of the other samples of this carbon fiber Dodo, both off- and online. Other than that it is a great piece, I really dig the ceramic ball bearing and it is a strong cutting machine. But next time, do get the grind right and add some serrations!

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3 Responses to Updated Spyderco Dodo collection

  1. How do you compare the serrated vs plain edge in general cutting performance for every day tasks?

    • In a hawkbill or a Reverse-S blade like the Dodo, I prefer serrated. Because of the blade shape, you’ll experience a little drag anyways (compared to a leaf shape) so I’d say go with the serrations. They stay sharp longer and give more ‘grip’ when cutting hard smooth media, like blister packs for example.

  2. […] this is an older variant of the wireclip, found on the Dodo and lightweight Manixes. I love this type of wireclip. It leaves a bit of handle for an easy draw, […]

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