Spyderco 2014 Production Prototype – Gianni Pauletta Lil’ LionSpy

I had a bit of a Goldilocks moment when I first picked up the Lil’ LionSpy, this size is just right.

I have the original large LionSpy. The large model is a great knife, but between the strong spring in the locking tab, the tight lock-up and the smooth scales, it can be a bit heavy and tricky to control or unlock one-handed. The Lil’ LionSpy was a breeze to handle. The feel and operation was very nice. While I wait for a new edition of the Li’l Temperance (which wasn’t shown at the meet, in case you’re wondering), the Lil’ LionSpy will be just fine to hold me over.

This ‘little’ folder is a nice high-tech, stout and ergonomic Little Big Knife. This knife was easily one of my top-three favorite prototypes this year.

The approximate specifications of the Lil’ LionSpy are:
Overall Length:  18,5 cm / 7.28 inches
Edge Length: 8 cm / 3.15 inches
Blade Length: 8,5 cm / 3.35 inches
Blade Thickness: 0,4 cm / 0.16 inches











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