Amsterdam Meet 2015 photo screen test – Part 3

Third time is the charm, I hope. I learned more about my camera settings and tweaked a bit more in photoshop. It’s tough to get a thoroughly white background, while maintaining a natural color tone for the object you’re photographing. This is pretty good, as I’m happy with the results and the photography and photoshop-process is still easy and fast enough to quickly process a couple of hundred photos. Still, I’ll probably keep trying to see if I can improve it further right up until the meet.










4 Responses to Amsterdam Meet 2015 photo screen test – Part 3

  1. Hi Wouter
    The pics are good, but you might consider an extra light ( low brightness level LED? ) for black blades, angled so that you can see the blade surface? The second pic is an example?

  2. Scott says:

    Well done. Thank you.

  3. […] was happy with my results so far, but I wanted to get more practice with the new portable lightbox and set-up for the Amsterdam Meet […]

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