Amsterdam Meet 2015 report of upcoming Spyderco prototypes

I just got back from the wonderful IWA Show in Germany; I tossed my laundry in a corner and fired up my computer to start finishing the pictures for my first post. I’ll continue posting new prototypes in the next few days. Due to some incidents following the pictures I posted in previous years, I would like to start my upcoming posts by specifically explaining my terms of use for these pictures.

Non-commercial use
To me, this meet and the opportunity to take and post these photos is intended first and foremost for the knifeknuts. If you would like to use, repost, edit etc… any of my pictures for non-commercial use, then you are more than welcome. I would request that you maintain (or add it – in case of editing) the fact that the knives pictured are either concept models, production prototypes or production samples, which I will indicate in each photo. That way, it becomes clear for other viewers what the status of each design is. In addition, I would appreciate a link to my website as the source for the original image. Again, I would like to encourage you to use these images creatively on your blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, forum posts etc…., if that is something you’d like to do, as long as it´s for non-commercial use.

Commercial use
If you would like to use my images for commercial purposes, e.g. to advance the sale in your web shop, contact me at mrblonde[AT]spydercollector[DOT]com. Using my images or any part of them in any altered form for commercial use is not allowed without my express written permission.

Thanks to the Spydercrew!
Remember, this is only possible thanks to the generous initiative of Sal, Eric, Joyce, Jur, Ted, Martin and the rest of the Spydercrew that put on this great meet each year! I think this is the 11th meet I attended and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be there and take some pictures and notes that I can share with you knifeknuts. Each meet is a very special event and I sincerely appreciate this great opportunity to see the prototypes and to discuss them with the Spydercrew and fellow knifeknuts. Sal and Eric love the feedback, so don’t be shy to comment on the designs I can show you in this thread.

Sal and Eric provided a lot of information and background stories for each design. Any mistakes in these descriptions are mine. If you attended the meet and picked up some other information on this and the other prototypes in this thread, please add that information to this thread.

Now, on with the show!

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