Spyderco 2015 Production Prototype – Sam Owens ARK

The ARK prototype neck knife was also shown last year; click here for images and information on the previous prototype. I really liked the molded handle with bi-directional texturing in this refined prototype. IIRC, the handle is molded directly on the tang in a process that ensures it won’t come off without destroying the knife itself. It’s a really flat handle that still offered a solid grip. I’ll still attach a small lanyard to it, so my pinky has something to hang onto. The sheath has changed since the first prototype as well. The injection molded sheath now has a wider and square profile, to prevent the knife from twisting during carry. Apart from the edge, tip and spine of the blade, everything else on the ARK seemed nicely rounded, lightweight and flat. This should make a very nice small and potent neck knife that, thanks to the H-1 blade, you could carry anywhere.










Overall Length: 12,6 cm / 4.96 inches

Blade Length: 6,7 cm / 2.63

That’s all I can manage to post today. If all goes well, there’ll be much more tomorrow.


3 Responses to Spyderco 2015 Production Prototype – Sam Owens ARK

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  2. Chris says:

    When will this knife become available and price?

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