Spyderco 2015 Production Prototype – Lil’ Temperance 2

Finally we got a look at the production prototype of the Lil’ Temperance 2! I’m a big fan of the design and I think we got a look at a very early concept model during the very first Amsterdam Meet. I’ll admit the Lil’ Temperance 2 took a little getting used to, for me. The handle was black and not green, symmetrical flat and not the sculpted G-10 of the first Lil’ Temp, and the clip didn’t have the three holes that line up with the divots in the handle. However, gripping the knife felt very familiar. The Lil’ Temp 2 had pretty much the same feel as my beloved green Lil’ Temps. I might even prefer this symmetrical handle to the original design. The jimping on the ramp of the blade seemed like a very nice touch as well. Furthermore, this version is much more lefty-friendly with a four-way clip mounting option. The blade on the Lil’ Temp 2 seemed to curve down more than the original Lil’ Temp. I’d have to do a side-by-side comparison to be sure though. The compression lock on this sample had a very good self-close. I loved the Lil’ Temperance 2, this one’s going on the wishlist for sure!















Overall Length: 18 cm / 7.09 inches

Blade Length: 7,5 cm /2.95 inches

Closed Length: 11 cm / 4.33 inches

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