Spyderco 2015 Production Prototype – Roadie

We all got a black Roadie in our goodie bag at the end of the meet, so I got the chance to play with the knife a bit more than the other knives in these posts. The Roadie is a good cutter that carries like pocket lint; it’s extremely light and small. With the Roadie, the Spydercrew may have finally made a slipit that I can’t open with one hand! Give me a little more time and I’ll probably find a way though. The colored variations felt like they were made from the same material as the black Roadie. I think this little slipit could also easily be carried on a keychain; the size, shape and weight make it a very easy to carry. The thicker sheepsfoot tip also inspires confidence for moderate prying to open very hard plastic packages etc…







Overall Length: 12,9 cm / 5.08 inches

Blade Length: 5,3 cm / 2.09 inches

Closed Length: 7,6 cm / 2.99 inches

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