Spyderco 2015 Production Prototype – Michael Janich Ronin 2

The Ronin 2 could perhaps be considered to be a fixed blade version of the Yojimbo 2, or simply a full sized version of the Ronin 1 neck knife. What struck me most is how light and flat the Ronin 2 was. I’d think that with the right sheath set-up the Ronin 2 should be as easy to carry as the type of knives custom maker Bud Nealy is known for. The knife gripped very well, very secure. And I would love to test this knife in some drills and ballistic cutting tests. I’m sure many fans of the Yojimbo 2 will take a serious look at the Ronin 2.











Overall Length: 20 cm / 7.87 inches

Blade Length: 10,5 cm / 4.13 inches


3 Responses to Spyderco 2015 Production Prototype – Michael Janich Ronin 2

  1. Tony Rossi says:

    Love my yojimbo 2.I would purchase this knife if it goes into production. What steel?

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