Spyderco Peter Carey Firefly

I wasn’t too enthusiastic when I first saw the Firefly prototype a couple of years ago, but the design has grown on me. Enough for me to ask to handle the production version at the SFO last Christmas. I was drawn to its cool looks, and hey, at least it should make a nice mate to my Rubicon right? Wrong. The Firefly makes a wonderfully useful utility folder.


I’ve been carrying the little guy for the past month and I love it. The closed Firefly is about the size of a Dragonfly. However, when opened you’re working with a Delica-sized blade and edge. The tip is thick and sturdy, as is the linerlock. The lock-up is still rock solid. The Spyderco Firefly is the nicest looking hard-use folder in my collection. And I love that classic Spyderco hump, it makes for a nice ‘anchor’ between your fingers when you’re making detailed edge-in cuts. The Firefly’s fit and finish are superb, and I’d like to encourage the Taichung factory to bring down their pivot tolerances. Then the Firefly could become a slightly thinner knife I think. Also, the clip is very small and it won’t easily clip to thicker clothing. The clip was very tight out of the box, so I bent it a little to make it easier to clip onto a pocket. Since these photos, I switched the clip to my preferred tip-up position. The Firefly’s edge came mirror-polished from the box, by the way. I highly recommend the Firefly if you’re looking for a gent’s knife that can do some tough work too.











6 Responses to Spyderco Peter Carey Firefly

  1. Chris Mapp says:

    Wow, that’s definitely a lot smaller than I expected. I know some folks were complaining about the cost, but seeing that level of fit and finish on a production knife amazes me.

    The one aspect I don’t like on sight alone is that pocket clip. It’s the one area Spyderco falls short in on these custom collaborations. The clips don’t really flow with the design.

    Otherwise, this will always be one of those “if I had the money” knives.

    • Funny you should mention the clip. I know Spyderco made an effort to use a custom clip, just like in the original custom design. I don’t like the clip either, for functional reasons, but the intent was to make it flow best with the design.

      • Chris Mapp says:

        It definitely fits better than the standard Spydie clip. I think if it was more subdued, or perhaps stonewashed, it wouldn’t stick out as much.

        I’d almost be tempted to carry it without a clip, but it looks like it’s a bit chunky to ride in the bottom of a pocket.

  2. Chris Carr says:

    I don’t think Taichung will be able to help with tightening the pivot tolorence on the Firefly, since this is a Japanese produced knife. 😉

    (regardless, it is still a valid point to make)

  3. […] clips: some Spyderco custom collaborations feature custom clips. A clip designed to fit the knife. Now these may look good […]

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